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The Market of My Dreams
Posted on April 6, 2023

Written by Blissfully Awake

Ali Miller has been a friend and mentor of mine since 2016 when I edited her first cookbook, Naturally Nourished. Like me, Ali is a true foodie. Ali is also a fervent believer of utilizing food as MEDICINE. Together with the other amazing women involved in opening Naturally Nourished Market in Wimberley (shout out to Kaz and Chelsea!), Ali’s philosophy has translated to connecting us to the SOURCE of food-as-medicine, featuring Texas meat and produce, artisan quality brands for everything from bone broth to gluten-free pastas to chocolate, and so much more … plus the most incredibly nourishing the delicious prepared foods you can imagine (think truly amazing soups, carnitas, casseroles, salads and beyond). This place is truly a blessing! They are now open on Saturdays! GO!