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My Food Guru
Posted on December 22, 2019

Written by Blissfully Awake

Ali Miller RD

I am so fortunate to have met Ali Miller more than four years ago. Her “food-as-medicine” approach to food literally changed my life!

From sourcing (grass-fed/pastured proteins) and “clean eating” in general, Ali’s expertise is awe-inspring for sure, but what I love most about her way of eating is that she’s a major foodie and not at ALL about deprivation – only abundance. I cannot recommend her podcast, courses and books enough, including her online Keto course and 10-Day Real Food Detox. I proudly served as editor for her first cookbook, Naturally Nourished,¬†and her new cookbook, The Anti-Anxiety Cookbook is a game-changer. Anyone who comes and stays with me, enjoys Ali’s recipes and philosophy.

I’m on a complete regimen of supplements based upon specific functional medicine testing with Ali and she has truly taken me from “surviving to thriving” through her work. She’s a brilliant clinician, and one cool chick. I am so inspired by the way she parents her precious kiddo, Stella and by her marriage/partnership with Hubs, Brady. Take advantage of this amazing resource and follow Ali!