My mission at Blissfully Awake is to translate the lessons, tools and resources I’ve gathered over the past 20+ years to inspire others to live awakened, inspired, more satisfying lives.

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We live in times of intense stress and anxiety. We may long to feel joy, healing, grounding, and peace within (and for the world), but most women I know feel overwhelmed, with no idea where to start. Worse, I have found that many women don’t feel worthy of experiencing joy, and peace. But the thing is, you are SO worthy, and our world needs for you to return to center.

When we feel so overwhelmed, it’s often easier to shut-down or numb ourselves with Netflix, or any number of substances or activities that prevent us from feeling and healing and becoming awake to what our mind, body and spirit most desire.

Through my work as a retreat host, personal coach, and PranaShakti Movement Teacher – my deepest desire is to help women re-connect with their highest selves. At my Bliss Loft in Driftwood, TX, we can work one-on-one, or within intimate retreat groups, including sweet accommodations and organic, healthy meals. If your heart says YES, I encourage you to honor that voice!

Jodie Jones Eisenhardt

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