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My Fave Super-Delicious/Clean Protein
Posted on March 28, 2022

Written by Blissfully Awake

The SalumeriaI’m a paleo eater, but I don’t eat sad meat. That means I buy meat mostly from farmers after learning more about how they care for their animals and what they feed them, and I ask about sourcing when I dine out. Sources that I buy from and keep in my freezer include Yonder Way Farmer, Cook’s Venture, Wild Pastures and others.

For the past year and a half I’ve been blessed to discover the amazing nitrite-free cured meats from The Salmumeria, including the “Saluminis” (which the cool kids in our group call “piggy sticks” that I eat almost daily! They are shelf stable, though I keep in the fridge because I love the snap. I eat ALL of the varieties, which are also the varieties of salumi offered by this amazing company. Trust me. Just order. You’ll be so happy. Your kids will be happy. Clean protein like this, that you can grab and go is life-changing! I also subscribe to their monthly “cure box” so that I always have a couple of full-size salumi on hand for instant charcuterie boards (= happy people). They ship anywhere in the U.S.!

This family-owned business learned their salumi process from grandfathers and uncles over decades past. They raise their pork on more than 100 acres of pasture where they have access to lush fields and a seasonal “salad bar” that is planted for them to forage on. Further down the tree line they enjoy a shady wooded area where they socialize in a giant wallow and cool off in the thick mud. When they’re ready for bed, they return to state-of-the-art hoop houses, featuring permanent deep straw bedding, an automated misting system to regulate the heat in the summer months and access to mixed feed consisting of precise ratios of ingredients like pecans, peanuts, acorns and milo grain to optimize nutrition and flavor. They live long lives and are around 600 lbs when they go to harvest. This is happy meat, not sad meat. Did I mention it is super delicious?